Benefits & Warranty

OpticShield Paint Protection Film combines best-in-class durability and clearness not previously available in the market. Our films is hydrophobic, self-healing, anti-contamination, anti-yellowing. No other conventional films will have such abilities or are limited to only having one functionality. In addition, the clear film employs special elastomeric polymers that „self-heal“, thus eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches without you having to do anything.


Should your paint become scratched, the OpticShield™ film will regenerate with the help of heat from the sun or hot water. Scratches appear on the car body when using automatic mechanical car wash brushes, when rubbing against bushes on road sides, during everyday use or due to an act of vandalism. All these scratches will disappear from the surface of the OpticShield™ film thanks to the heat of the sun or just rinsing with hot water. Your original paint is preserved.


OpticShield™ film is a highly transparent film developed to protect the vehicle without altering its appearance.


There are a million causes of paint damage from stones and gravel to road debris. Resist the impact from these every day road hazards with OpticShield™.


Due to its technical properties and performances, this film offers easy application with no creases and no traces.


Today, the time required to apply self-adhesive films is one of the key factors of a company’s profitability. That is why WrapStyleTM have developed an easy to apply film. Thanks to the new OpticShield™, you will save 30 % on the application time, due to its high conformability and ease of application.


The OpticShield™ will preserve the original shine of your paint thanks to a reinforced UV protection


The OpticShield™ protective film contains an anti-adhesion component. Thus, dust and dirt will adhere much less to the car body. Cleaning will be less frequent and significantly easier.

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