Optic Shield™ is an ultra clear polyurethane film, providing perfect protection of paint or other exposed parts of the car or other means of transport. Thanks to its unique properties such as impact resistance, low surface tension and autoregeneration, Optic Shield™ provides the best possible protection.



Optic Shield™ je ultra čirá polyuretanová fólie, poskytující dokonalou ochranu laku nebo jiných exponovaných částí vozu či jiného dopravního prostředku. Díky svým unikátním vlastnostem, jako je nárazuvzdornost, nízké povrchové napětí a autoregenerace, poskytuje materiál Optic Shield™ tu nejlepší možnou ochranu.

Why OpticShield™?

OpticShield™ Paint Protection film boasts extreme durability, high glossiness and self-healing properties. A special nano coating provides hydrophobicity so the  excessive water drains out of the car body. Our films comprise the self-healing elastomeric polymers eliminating and correcting scratches. Not only OpticShield™ self-heals, but it is anti-contaminant and anti-yellowing.It is attributed to specially produced elastomeric polymer, that not only eliminates surface damage, but has greater hardness and exceptional resistance to debris, oil, chemicals, bird droppings etc. Hence, OpticShield™ is an outstanding product in such product category. A perfect protection of your car in the long-run.
With regard to the car fleet, your financial situation or your personal preference, there are a variety of OpticShield™ paint protection films you can select from.

OpticShield™ Products

  • Nano surface
  • Clarity
  • Resistance
  • Perfect glossiness
  • Easy installation
  • 10 years warranty
  • Top-Coating
  • Clarity
  • High glossiness
  • Easy installation
  • 7 years warranty
  • Top coating
  • Clarity & resistance
  • High glossiness
  • Easy installation
  • Anti-shock
  • 5 years warranty
  • Transparency
  • Durability
  • UV reduction
  • Safety
  • Warranty 6 months
    or 30.000 km

Benefits & Warranty


OpticShield has a self-healing feature. Warm water or sunlight accelerate the process of self-healing. Your car is exposed to scratches daily – car wash, branches, bushes, everyday use of a car or vandalism. All this and more is a potential threat to your car paint. OpticShield shield is an effective solution for damage of any sort and protects your paint reliably.


OpticShield is ultra clear, highly transparent film. Serves as ultimate protection while retaining original paint color. OpticShield film is able to cover-up minor scratches on paint.


There are a million causes of paint damage from stones and gravel to road debris. Resist the impact from these every day road hazards with OpticShield™.


It is highly flexible material, easy to apply into curves and corrugations, with regard to its properties. These unique properties along with the optimal initial tuck eliminate installation errors and glue marks upon re-installation. 


OpticShieldserves as protection to minimize paint´s degradation (color fading, yellowing, cracking etc.) all thanks to  strengthened UV protection.


Top layer is endowed with a special nano coating that reduces the surface tension. Dust particles and water are repelled altogether. Thus cleaning was never easier.

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