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Finally we are in India. You can find us here: Door No. 41/543B, A.L. Jacob Road, Ernakulam, Kochi 682035, Kerala, India!

Finally we are in Thailand. 1st stop: Bangkok! We are on fire! We have a new Asian franchise! You can find us here: No. 22/126, Khlong Lam Chiak Road, Nawamin Sub-district, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok Metropolis! Cya all.

Why OpticShield™?

OpticShield™ Paint Protection film boasts extreme durability, high glossiness and self-healing properties. A special nano coating provides hydrophobicity so the excessive water drains out of the car body. Our films comprise the self-healing elastomeric polymers eliminating and correcting scratches. Not only OpticShield™ self-heals, but it is anti-contaminant and anti-yellowing.It is attributed to specially produced elastomeric polymer, that not only eliminates surface damage, but has greater hardness and exceptional resistance to debris, oil, chemicals, bird droppings etc. Hence, OpticShield™ is an outstanding product in such product category. A perfect protection of your car in the long-run.
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